Why should recreational activities like NASCAR go green? Shouldn’t we just get rid of such practices altogether?



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    Recreational activities such as NASCAR should go green because of the amount of resources consumed per race. “The average NASCAR gets 4.5 miles per gallon and each race has about
    50 drivers and there are about 40 races in the season. They use over
    200,000 gallons of gas in a year.”

    NASCAR produces about 1,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.
    The global CO2 emissions are estimated at 25 billion metric tons

    Now what about the fans?
    If each fan drinks only one case of beer per event, at one ounce of trash per beer, that’s still 160billion pieces of garbage, 10billion pounds of garbage, 5,000 tons of garbage per year, 13,698 tons per day, 570 tons per hour, or 9.51 tons of garbage created every second of every day, 365 days a year, and just because people go see NASCAR. (water footprint per NASCAR event anyone?)

    Also,NASCAR uses petroleum based tires, about 40 a race, so that comes to about a total of 80,000 tires a year used by NASCAR. (and at $400 each tire, that comes out to about $20,000 each race just for tires)

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    As far as whether we should get rid of the practice, I disagree with that notion. I dislike NASCAR but I think if it’s something that people enjoy (and many enjoy it quite a bit) then we can find a way to make it work. We can find a way to try and make it green (or green-er for a start) but there are many things that are much enjoyed that have a toll on the environment. I think we keep NASCAR but try and make sure it has the smallest footprint that we can make it have.

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