Why should anyone ever water their yard again? Why not prohibit residential lawn watering by law?



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    Watering our lawn is important because it assures sufficient soil moisture is available for good plant growth. Also, for areas that do not receive that much rainfall, may need to resort to watering so irrigation remains present. Some places have prohibited residential lawn watering, such as Raleigh, North Carolina. In trying to conserve Falls Lake, the city’s primary reservoir, the city council agreed to ban mechanical outdoor watering. Prohibiting lawn watering will probably only occur on the area, and if they have enough water to properly function.

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    I agree! I wish more people would get on board with the drought tolerant plants idea. Many don’t realize how care-free a home landscape can be. It just takes a little research to find plants that will take care of themselves in drier climates; I think homeowners think a “garden” will be labor intensive and expensive. What they don’t seem to realize is that after the initial investment for plants and the time spent installing the landscape, it is pretty much done (a little cutting back of things 1-2 times a year is about all it requires vs. weekend mowing throughout the growing season–not to mention water costs). That being said, I do think people enjoy the traditional look of lawns–they have a long history in American culture. I also think they enjoy getting out there and bonding with the neighborhood around lawn care! But the pressure to keep it neat and green is nuts in my opinion!

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