Why is science focusing on biological manipulation in order to help prevent cancer?

Cases of cancer are on the rise, and are expected to rise by 50% by 2020 according to the World Health Organization (WHO). There are many reasons for this, such as widespread tobacco use; but it also extends to toxins and other carcinogens in our air, water, food, and synthetic products we use on our skin, and in our homes. It is frustrating that science is turning to biological manipulation instead of focusing more on helping clean air technologies, and overall, a cleaner and more pure way of life to help prevent cancer as well as of course, global warming etc. What do you think? http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/apr2003/canc-a26.shtml



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    The role of science is to develop technological solutions and to eludicate the relationships between different factors, not activism. Environmental scientists have certainly studied how pollution affects cancer, why different carcinogens cause cancer, and so on, and other groups are working on developing clean air technologies. Scientists are developing tools to fight cancer, and its unfair to say that because biologists and immunologists are looking to fight cancer via means in their respective fields, other scientists aren’t looking for sociological solutions. It’s not up to scientists to regulate the way we consume products.

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    Something I would add to dtsang’s point is that even if we worked to clean the air and reduce the effects of global warming, it would take a very long time to see results. Cutting emissions today doesn’t mean clean air and normal temperatures tomorrow. It would take several years to even begin to see the changes we are looking for. However, we don’t have that time or patience in cancer research- people who are affected by cancer already want a cure and people who are prone to cancer want it prevented now. They don’t want to wait until the air is cleaner.

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