Why is sap so sticky?



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    I believe that tree sap is sticky because it contains sugar.

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    Sap is sticky because it contains sugar. Sap is like a tree’s blood in the sense that it carries nutrients and water around its “body”. Since a tree absorbs water through its roots and produces sugar through photosynthesis in its leaves, sap helps carry water to its leaves and sugar down to its roots so that it can continue growing. Maple trees are known for producing a sap that is edible to humans, and very delicious. However, not all trees produce edible sap. Many kinds of sap are poisonous to people and animals. This is probably a defense mechanism developed by certain trees to prevent itself from being eaten. After all, sap is very important to a tree’s survival. Luckily, maple trees produce enough sap for us to harvest without killing the tree.

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