Why is San Francisco trying to ban Happy Meals for kids?



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    San Francisco has banned the selling of meals with free toys that do not meet specific nutrition requirements in an effort to support an end to child obesity.  Child obesity is a huge problem in our country, and the current “happy meal” from McDonald’s is but one factor, but a very well selling one.  Now meals may only include a free toy if the meal itself includes fruit or vegetables, less than 600 calories, less than 640 milligrams of sodium, and less than 35% calories from fat. 

    And just as an aside, not all of San Francisco is happy about the this.  The Mayor was expected to veto the ban, but because enough members of the Board of Supervisors voted for it, the ban is “veto-proof.”

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    In addition to the efforts to eng child obesity the city of San Francisco and its supervisor wanted to target the concentration of high-fatty foods in low-income areas,  “From San Francisco to New York City, the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country is making our kids sick, particularly kids from low-income neighborhoods, at an alarming rate. It’s a survival issue and a day-to-day issue.” 

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    San Francisco enacted the ban because of the apparent connection children would make between fatty, salty foods and the free toy included with the meal. Officials believe the toy would entice the child to ask for the Happy Meal, thus introducing them to the unhealthy foods in the meal and the full menu of unhealthy foods at McDonalds.

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