Why is salt water so bad for our system?



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    Salt water is bad for humans because of the salt. Salt, or NaCL, is a unique compound that forces cells to give up water. Drinking salt water makes your stomach, mouth and intestines lose a good deal of their water, making you even thirstier and further dehydrated. This can cause death if you continue to drink water infused with salt.

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    Salt water has a high percentage of salt ions.  When we are exposed to salt water for long durations and mainly if intake of salt water occurs, the influx of ions in our bloodstream throws the body out of balance in terms of chemicals and water.  Ions are used as neurotransmitters between cells.  Therefore a significant surge of ions can disrupt cell signalling.  Also there is the gradient of water flow from an area of low salt to an area of higher salt content.  Naturally, the water content of cells will decrease as the water flows to the higher concentration of salt outside the cell.

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