Why is raw foodism becoming so popular?



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    ‘Raw Foodism’ is becoming more popular because of its health benefits and sustainable properties. The raw food diet suggests that when you eat raw food you are getting more of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes that aide in digestion and promote good health. When food is cooked, many enzymes are lost and killed. The benefits of a raw food diet include: more energy, better digestion, improved complexion, reduced risk of heart disease and weight loss. By adopting a raw diet, you are reducing the amount of energy usually associated with cooked foods.

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    Raw foodism has been around as a modern food diet for decades. But I think that part of the rise in popularity is 2 fold. First, food has become increasingly processed, so much so that people are beginning to swing the other way on the pendulum and wanting less processed, and more whole food. With such extreme rates of obesity and diabetes, people want to eat food that is nourishing, healthy and fresh. Raw food certainly falls into these categories.

    Another reason raw foodism might be becoming more popular now is that all sorts of diets are becoming more popular. It seems that everyone you talk to is a vegetarian or eats gluten free, doesn’t eat simple carbs, eats only organic, has peanut allergies or avoids soy products and on and on. The need to label the way we eat, I think stems from the basic fact that we have grown so disconnected from our food system and a balanced life (well, in relation to most things, but also in relation to food) that we dont know what to call food, what to call healthy, what to call nourishing. There is always an “expert” somewhere willing to tell us that we should eat this way, or eat that way, but dont hold your breath because what is “good” for you now will likely be “bad” for you 5 years from now.  This search for the appropriate diet I think is part of a greater search for finding where we fit in, where exactly our place is in this world.

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    Raw foodism is about gaining the most from the food you eat.  Enzymes, the agent in food that helps your digestion, are destroyed after food is heated to 116 degrees farenheit.  Eating food without active enzymes results in devalued food — you’re not getting what you need from it.  Additionally, cooking food sometimes saps it of its natural nutrients.


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