Why is the “raw diet” considered healthy?



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    A raw food diet protects the enzymes found in food. Many foods loose vitamins and nutritious value after being cooked. Therefore, it is considered healthier to eat raw. The only cooking permitted by the diet is in a dehydrator. This is because a dehydrator never reaches temperatures higher than 116 degrees, when the enzymes are killed. 

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    As humans were evolving, we ate a lot of raw food, so our bodies adapted to eating the most raw and natural foods. So if we continue eating raw and natural foods, our body knows how to break those down and maximize the amount of nutrients we get out of our diet.

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    Raw food is cooked under a temperature of 118 degrees fahrenheight. Raw food is called “raw” because the cooking process preserves the essential vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that are typically lost as a result of traditional cooking. Natural enzymes and bacteria found in raw foods are very beneficial to the digestive tract. These organisms promote healthy gastrointestinal functioning and are known to increase overall health. Learning to become a raw chef takes years of practice, but when done correctly can yeild delicious and nutritious results. Virtually every kind of food can be prepared raw, but it takes a lot of know how and training to do it propterly. There are certain restaurants that specialize in raw food. Whole Foods Market is one such grocery chain that offers a variety of raw products. Some Whole Foods Market locations may even have a completely raw restaurant on the premises!

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    Cooking can create some toxins and neutralizes others.  Cooking for long periods can damage some vitamins.  Boiling and steaming cause some important nutrients to seep out of food and chemicals thought to cuase cancer are formed when food is burned or oils heated above the point at which they smoke.  Deep frying foods can causes trans fats to form.  But cooking can break down food components that would otherwise bind minerals and prevent their absorption.  Cooking liberates some nutrients such as beta-carotene and other antioxidants for easier absorption.  Cooking can also destabilize toxic components of some foods.  Humans have been eating cooked food since at least 250,000 and perhaps as long as 1.6 million years.  It only takes approximately 5,000 years or less for the human body to adapt to different methods of eating.   See Cooking as a Biological Trait’ by Harvarad University anthropologists Richa’rd Wrangham and Nancy Lou Conklin-Brittain.  Many believe that cooked food is what allowed early anceestors to grow large brains (although our brains are smaller overall now, they are referring to larger brains compared to prior to out ability to use fire).  By cooking food, humans were able to make it more digestible (by breaking down plant fiber and muscle tissue) and therefore they were able to eat more calories with less digestive effort, resulting in a smaller digestive tract and more energy for developing brains.  So it may be best if people eat as healthy as they can, and cook minimally rather than cooking everything.

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