Why is public transport more widespread in Europe?



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    Because Europe is a very old country and the queen made a law that says they can be only a certian amount of cars in Europe 🙂 <3, Channel and Camri Ledesma

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    If you look at a map of the world, Europe is pretty tightly packed compared to the United States. Dozens of countries are squished in a small-ish space and the population density is such that big cars and big roads simply never made sense there. But people need to commute to work and furthermore they need an easy way to travel to other parts of Europe since the continent is so connected economically and socially. An integrated and efficient network of both fast and slower trains provides all of these travel needs. As a result Europe lacks the problems that we’ve encountered in the U.S. from our excess of parking lots, congestion in big cities, and pollution. The cars that do exist in Europe are quite tiny and many people drive Smart Cars. 

    In the U.S., we’ve been spoiled for too long with our frontier of endless space. If you look at the continents as a whole, North America has a density of 32 people per square mile, while in Europe it is 134 people per square mile! The density has made the prospect of driving big cars and trucks on freeways pretty much out of the picture in Europe. But with our growing population and worsening pollution in the U.S., light rail and public transport projects are poised to be important in the near future.

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