Why is public transit doing so poorly in America?



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    There are some cities like New York that have excellent public transportation systems, but others that do not have the infrastructure to accomodate people’s needs efficiently enough.  Once we start building more light rail systems, and have busses that make it convenient for people to use public transportation, more people will use it.  Hand in hand with this could be either increasing parking rates for down town areas, or reducing the number of parking spots, so that it becomes easier and more worry free to use public transportation.

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    Many of the public transit systems in the country are horribly funded.  Just look at all the problems the CTA has for example.  Without proper funding, mass transit systems will never be able to be as convenient and plentiful as the public wants them to be. 

    Obviously when the system doesnt meet the peoples standards they use cars.  Its all in the funding. 

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