Why is Prop 23 bad?



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    Critics of Prop 23 cited it as an environmental step backwards as it suspended the goals of California’s landmark climate change bill, AB 32.  It would have essentially allowed consumers and businesses to return to the emission rates that existed in California before AB 32 was passed until the unemployment rate was below 12.4 percent.  

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    As was put on the ballot, Prop 23 “suspends implementation of air pollution control law (AB 32) requiring major sources of emissions to report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, until unemployment drops to 5.5 percent or less for full year. Initiative statute.” The con written on the ballot was that “Texas oil companies designed 23 to kill clean energy and air pollution standards in California. 23 threatens public health with more air pollution, increases dependence on costly oil, and kills competition from job-creating Califoria wind and solar companies.”

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    Proposition 23 was placed on the most recent ballot to directly counteract AB 32, the Global Warming Provisions Act. AB 32 requires that, by 2020, the global emissions will drop to the levels reached in 1990, which is significantly lower than the current numbers. The measures to be taken by AB 32 will begin in 2012. Luckily, California voters defeated Prop 23 during the November 2 election.  

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    Prop 23 is bad because it stalls progress.  Think of it this way – a cattle rustler is stealing livestock from a farmer.  The farmer is quickly running out of livestock.  So a law is passed that makes it illegal to steal livestock.  Do we feel sorry because the cattle rustler is out of a job?

    TERRIBLE analogy, I’ll admit.  But that’s how I look at it.  Switching to renewable energy will cut jobs in the short term and add jobs in the long term.  Bigger picture, any law or bill passed that basically says it’s ok to keep killing our planet for just a little while longer is bad.

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