Why print such a biased article?

Why does Ms. Perrin make use a person who has no expertise, professional qualifications, or facts related to the story as a source of information (the animal rights lady)? On top of this, why would she then ask people to sign the animal rights petition when it relies on anecdotes and emotion?



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    Jillianmonroe, I’m sorry that you were upset with my article. However, I would like to point out, firstly, that this is a pro-environmental website, and secondly, that my article was a blog post, not a news article. In other words, this article was not meant to be objective. Blogs are written specifically to convey an opinion and to effect change, hence the petition at the end. Additionally, please note that I quoted opinions from both ends of the spectrum, did include quotes from someone with “expertise,” and think that a lay person’s opinion deserves to be heard as well.

    If you would like to debate the issue of the bears, I encourage you to do so. However, if you are angry that the article was biased, I suggest you find a news, not a blog, source on a neutral website.

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      Thanks for your answer, but why be defensive? I’m simply stating a fact, a fact that you agree with – you are using a layperson’s opinion, which is not founded on facts or science, to attempt to effect change in a methodology based on successful science-based outcomes. It would be the same as using a layperson’s opinion as the basis for petitioning the medical community to change the use of a particular methodology. One would likely negatively impact the health of a person and the other likely to negatively impact the health of the environment. Substituting science with emotion is rarely advisable, even in blogs.

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      What I’m defending is the bias in my blog post. I would agree with you that a layperson’s opinion should not be the foundation of a scientific methodology. However, that is not the case here. While I said that a layperson’s opinion deserves to be heard, which I still believe, Angela Metler is not a layperson. She holds a position as head of an animal rights organization. She’s not some random person off the street, and even if she were, her comments are not the sole basis of my article. They work to buttress my point. Also, those protesting the bear hunts are frustrated for the same reason you are: a lack of clear scientific evidence.

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