Why is nuclear power not as popular as it should be?



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    In spite of its ability to produce abundant amounts of energy with relatively little pollution and carbon emissions, there is still widespread unease about nuclear power. This is probably due to associations with nuclear weapons and several well known cases of nuclear plant malfunctions (Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island). The fear of nuclear fallout from nuclear plant disasters such as Chernobyl is very much a factor in people’s considerations of nuclear power.

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    There is much debate about nuclear power, the idea of a waste that can not be treated and we have no idea what to do with scares us. Yes there have been some very recent advances (E.Coli namely) and it would make us more independent (like the French) but throwing nuclear waste in a fancy hole is a very scary prospect and why many have steered clear thus far. It also requires much know-how and a lot of safety, many things can go wrong; for instance America is probably leery because the know about things like Chernobyl and the more local, though less extreme example of three mile island.

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