Why is the population of Reindeer declining?



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    It is likely due to climate change.  Temperatures in the Arctic are reaching record highs.  Snow is melting earlier than it usually does, but frequently it refreezes over pasture land the reindeer require for food.  By castrating reindeer, some researchers are hoping to help with food shortages – it causes the reindeer to be more generous in sharing food with calves who might otherwise die.  The reindeer also keep their antlers for longer into the year, and they can use them to help break up ice.

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    The decline in reindeer populations is caused by different factors for different sub-species around the world. (In North America, reindeer are called caribou.) Researchers say roads and resource extraction pose risks for non-migratory caribou, while changes in climate challenge migratory reindeer and caribou. With earlier springs, caribou can be too late in reaching feeding grounds. Warmer winters bring more freezing rain and ice rather than snow, making it more difficult for them to feed.

    As of 2004, reindeer losses were reported in Mongolia because of herders’ practice of inbreeding and a lack of veterinary resources to treat disease.

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    Other problems reindeers are facing are the overwhelming number of living female reindeer over male reinder and the fact that reindeer calves are often the prey of Arctic predators.

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