Why is the POM Wonderful product controversial?



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    The company has advertised that their juices and pills help improve heart and prostate health.  Clinical studies and research trials show no proof that the company’s products can uphold the claims of improved health.  A scheduled hearing will determine if there is any truth to the company’s advertising.

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    Yes the Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against the company based on deceptive advertising. Health benefits need to be verified by the FDA before companies can claim the food they’re selling has specific health benefits. But this isn’t some new drug they’re peddling, this is pomegranate juice. It has been around for a while – the Persians were particularly fond of the juice.

    While pomegranate juice, and fruit juice in general, does contain anti-oxidants and important vitamins, it also contains a high level of natural sugars. The sugar content needs to be considered in the equation, it will often balance the exaggerated health claims of the anti-oxidant marketers.

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    They also used to test their products on animals until put under pressure by PETA, though they ended their campaign against POM in 2007.

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