why is pollution bad for the enviorment?



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    Pollution in the environment is considered a bad thing because it disrupts the natural flow of nutrients and it damages the infrastructure of the environment. Pollution floods ecosystems with either too many nutrients, as is the case with nitrogen fertilizers running off into bodies of water. Also toxins and heavy metals produced by industrial processes and present in pesticides damage the organs and immune systems of organisms in nature.

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    Pollution can impact and even destroy entire ecosystems. All of the world is a in precarious homeostatic loop that can be easily disrupted and affected by pollution. Humans are heavily dependant on environmental resources for everything from food to shelter and the disruption of any of these things can readily affect us as well. 

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    Pollution is bad for the environment because it interrupts the natural order of things in the world. For example, one of the causes of global warming is human pollution. Pollution could be a reason for the melting ice in the arctics, which is causing sea levels to rise. Rising sea levels impact everyone on this planet, from animals to humans. Also, pollution creats many health problems for wildlife, especially sea creatures suffering from the effects of oil spills. 

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