why is plastic forks bad?

Plastic Forks, Are they bad for school?



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    The short answer is yes.  Plastic forks are much worse for the environment than reusable cutlery.

    There is a lot of energy consumed in the production and transportation of plastic cutlery.  Then, the fork is used once and discarded.  Because of the food, the fork is unrecyclable, and so is immediately carted off to a landfill.  Most plastics do not degrade, and even the ones that do take a long time and turn into methane.  Essentially, every time you use a plastic fork, you’re wasting energy and clogging our landfills.

    If you have an old dishwasher, washing cutlery by hand is more energy efficient, but if you have a new dishwasher, dishwashing your cutlery can be more efficient.

    Having a family picnic and really need disposable cutlery?  Don’t worry – there are environmentally-conscious choices out there if you really need disposable cutlery.  One example is SpudWare cutlery, which makes disposable cutlery out of mostly potato starch.  The cutlery is just as strong or stronger than plastic cutlery and biodegradable in only 180 days!

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