Why is Peak Oil so important for the world?



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    Peak Oil is a term for the tipping point in the amount of oil consumed and the amount of untapped oil left on earth. It refers to the exact point at which oil resources are definitely dwindling though consumers continue to rely on the resource. Scientists do not know for certain when peak oil usage will occur as it is difficult to predict how deep an oil reserve will be, how much oil it will contain, and how many are yet undiscovered. But it is nevertheless important as it will mark the end of mindless oil consumption as an end to the resource will be in sight. The world will be forced to find alternatives to oil  before a certain deadline when there will be none left or it will be too costly to be profitable. 

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    Oil is a finite resource that depletes and eventually runs out, and it is unsustainable for the world economy and society to depend for their sustenance and growth on the supply of a lifeline that no longer grows. The specter of peak oil haunting the political unrest and economic and environmental woes of our times underscores the importance of aggressively pushing to conserve our remaining resources and moving rapidly to replace our old dirty sources of energy with something cleaner and better.

    Below are links to a couple of good starting resources for learning more about peak oil and its implications for the global economy, politics, and our world as a whole. Most importantly of all, oil is something that touches all of our lives every day, in all the things we buy, touch, and taste all the time, and so the momentous historical event that is the peaking and decline of such an important resource calls on all of us to more deeply question our own relationships with our only home planet.

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