Why is palm oil so bad for the environment?



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    Palm oil is something many of us use in our day-to-day life, it’s used in cooking oil, food ingredients, cosmetics and a wide variety of other products. It is a popular oil. To meet the demand of this so many trees that grow palm oil have been cut down. They are sourced most commonly in the rain forest and this has contributed to the destruction of the rain forest and surrounding wildlife (most notably the orangutans). Did you know that palm oil is supposed to be the world’s most produced and internationally traded edible oil by…well this year?

    The ecological impacts of the harvesting palm oil are consequences we can’t ignore. Indonesia has 400 land animals, today, 15 are critically endangerd and 125 are threatened. Sadly, the orangutans are only found in regions where there is palm oil (Malaysia and Indonesia ) and once they are gone, the orangutans will be gone.

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