Why is packaging so bulky?



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    Good question, Ernest D Marry.  I don’t think it is because products are so bulky.  It is probably a lot of reasons combined, but I think it is mostly because companies don’t always have the environment foremost in their mind when designing the packaging for an item.  They want it to look good and sell.  If this calls for a lot of packaging to place the product in such a way within a plastic mold within a box within a plastic wrap, so be it.  Another potential reason is that they don’t want to take any chances with their product being damaged before it even gets to the consumer, so the more packaging, the safer the company might feel.

    Hope this helps!

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    It probably has to do with shipping.  More delicate products may be more likely to break in transit.  So, by putting more protective packaging on it, it reduces that risk.  However, it does seem unnecessary, especially for some products.  Some companies have realized this and redesigned their packaging accordingly.

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