Why is our oak tree not getting leaves on most of the tree?

The tree is a year old and in a small front yard. I’m sure it’s a slow growing tree. We’re in a 55 plus neighborhood. Only a few branches have leaves, but new buds are growing on the center trunk of the tree. What might be wrong? All the other trees on the street are fine.



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    This sort of thing would be quite hard to diagnose without someone looking at the tree.  I would recommend talking to someone at a local nursery, they should be able to help you and tell you if your tree has a disease or is dying.  I am not sure if you are saying that there are some branches with no leaves and no buds, or some branches are just behind others in terms of leaf production, but it does sound like your tree might be sick or dying.  With the oak we had in our front yard for years it started to die slowly and each year a little less of the tree would produce leaves. 

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    they grow in a warm climate

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    they grow in a warm climate

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