Why is our government so afraid of building nuclear power?



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    Probably because of the negative public opinion we have on it. France powers something like 60 percent of their entire country off of nuclear energy, but in America it is only 20 percent. Our fears are not ungrounded though, because there is the major problem with the containment of radioactive waste materials. Perhaps the answer is, “because they should be”. There are greener ways to go than nuclear, and the negatives in the case of this power source, can be deadly. We should only look to nuclear power as a short term solution to the problems of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from other energy sources, like coal, oil, and natural gas. We can do much better—give it time—we ARE going to save the world! And we will do it by using less power — and resources — not just finding ways to make tons and tons more in a cleaner way (like some people think will happen, like if we can perfect fusion technology). I think we need reversion (back to the days of old when people used things sparingly, and they cared about resources enough to conserve them) and re-invention. Not just investment in ways to make tons of power — let’s figure out ways to use less of it in the first place!

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