Why is olive oil not good for frying?



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    Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils we can consume, however, one thing that makes it so healthy is the way it is derived -through a cold pressing process. Oils produced by hydrogenation, a heating process that changes their molecular structure, are unhealthy because they are changed into a form cells cannot use.  Not only do hydrogented oils, better known as trans fats, fail to nourish our cells, they also harm them and prevent good oils from entering the cells to provide proper nourishment.

    If olive oil is heated to the temperature usually needed for frying, it too becomes hydrogentated – transformed into a trans fat.

    Sources: Dr. Sherry Rogers, “You Are What You Ate.”

                 Dr. Mary G. Enig, multiple reports


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    According to this cooking oils guide, it is fine to use olive oil for stir-frying – just not deep-frying. Extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of 406 degrees Fahrenheit, and extra light olive oil has a smoke point of 468 degrees Farhrenheit.

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