Why is Oil such a good source for energy?



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    Because of its chemical makeup, including its high carbon and hydrogen contents and combusting point, make oil (petroleum) an ideal source for fuel.


    “Almost all oils burn in aerosol form generating heat, which can be used directly, or converted into other forms of fuels by various means. The oil that is pumped from the ground is then shipped via oil tanker to an oil refinery. There, it is converted from crude oil to diesel fuel (petrodiesel), ethane (and other short-chain alkanes), fuel oils (heaviest of commercial fuels, used in ships/furnaces), gasoline (petrol), jet fuel, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas.

     Electricity generation

    Oil and any of its more refined products are often used to create electricity. This is done by means of a steam engine. The steam engine turns the thermal energy into rotary motion, which can then be transformed into electricity, by means of a generator.

    Heat transport

    Many oils have higher boiling points than water and are electrical insulators, making them useful for liquid cooling systems, especially where electricity is used”

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