Why is obesity increasing among children?



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    Because they are eating too much and exercising too little.

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    There are many factors that influence childhood obesity. Overall, children are not getting as much physical activity as they did 30 or even 15 years ago. Studies show that fewer kids walk to school, and they increasingly spend more time in front of the tv (2-3 hours per day, on average). 

    Also, studies show that children are eating more meals outside of their homes and soda consumption has risen increasingly over the years. With these factors in mind, I make a few conclusions of my own: because of social influences to gravitate toward entertainment and tv, children spend more time on the couch than outside. Also, throughout history, humans have striven to make life easier, by developing motorized transportation, and fast food. I think that we’ve reached the point in which life has become too easy, because we drive everywhere and save time on cooking by grabbing less healthy food on the go. I also personally think that more people than ever appease their children with food.

    Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents are obese. Since 1980, the number of obese adolescents has tripled and the number of obese children has more than doubled. For more interesting facts and statistics, click here.

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    There are a few theories about the obesity epidemic in children. Most experts agree that a combination of high-calorie processed foods and lack of exercise is responsible for most obesity. However, there are also theories that a virus could responsible for causing obesity in some. Also, there are some who have hypothesized that the higher percentage of women having children in their late 30s and 40s could be causing more children to be born with extra weight. And these children never lose the extra body fat due to their diet and lack of exercise. Since the obesity problem is so widespread, it seems likely that multiple things could be causing it. Regardless of the cause, all children can benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables and being more physically active instead of playing video games.

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    When you take the facts and statistics and boil them down, you essentially get what rigibson said- they’re simply eating too much and exercising too little. A couple years ago, exercise was easier because it was a form of entertainment. Nowadays, it’s so much easier to interact with friends online or on x-box Live.

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    I completely agree to rigibson’s answer. Most children are no longer allowed to walk to school and when they are home they are confined to their watching movies or studying. Besides this, they feed more on junk foods such as ice cream, snacks etc.

    exercises like running, road walk, bicycle riding, gymnastics and eating good food will help reduce obesity in children. Parents please watch out!

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    Too much television watching or x-box playing. Too much over protection from parents who do not want their children outside because of fear. Too much junk food and pre-packaged processed foods. Too many parents who have to work too much and can’t supervise their children’s activities. Its too much. American children are becoming obese because its all just too much.

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    All of this has been said, but to reiterate, it’s just a dangerous combination of new forms of entertainment that involve zero physical activity and the cheapness of processed, pre-packaged foods. For families, these options are economical, but have zero nutritional value. School lunch is another venue, with cafeterias (mine was victim to this) serving fried foods, pizza, candy, and sugary drinks every day.

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    There have already been a lot of very good answers and I agree with the information about kids not being as active and this contributing to their weight gain. However, in regards to the food aspect, I don’t think it is simply about too much food. I think a large part of the problem comes down to what kids today are eating. Kids today eat a lot of processed foods that don’t really give them the nutrients they need. Processed foods contain added sugar which breaks down quickly in the blood stream causing insulin levels to spike, then blood sugar levels drop, and they become hungry again. Read the ingredients on most “healthy” kids snacks like granola bars and crackers and you will find the first ingredient is often sugar or enriched flour (which, your body processes as pure sugar). So, no, kids don’t get enough exercise, and yes, much of the obesity in children is due to eating too much, but the core of the problem are the foods kids eat. Healthier food means more energy to play and less lethargy due to constant insulin spikes and blood sugar levels dropping. 

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