Why is Obama such a fan of nuclear power?



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    Obama sees nuclear power as a viable option as a part of the coming necessary changes in energy production, to be utilized in conjunction with other power sources, such as solar and wind power. Obama supports nuclear power because it can be used to wean our dependence on foreign oil, and help America become a producer of sustainable energy. Building and retrofitting of current US nuclear power plants will create employment opportunities in the coming years. Another part of his energy policy (as you may have noticed with the Cash for Clunkers program) is to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring higher fuel efficiency and using a cap and trade system for greenhouse gas emissions. 

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    Obama believes that nuclear energy is a good option in the transition to sustainable alternative fuel sources and will help out our economy. It is better than oil and coal, but not nearly as good as wind and solar power. Nevertheless, nuclear power is expensive, but it does not release any direct pollution. If done correctly much of the nuclear waste can be recycled and/or reused. 

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