Why is Obama having such a hard time passing policies when the democrats have majority?



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    President Obama has difficulty passing legislation because of the multi-faceted sides of important bils that have been brought up.  Hot topics such as the health care reform legislation has many groups involved, approaching the problem from various angles.  Although the Democratic party does hold the majority in Congress, not all Democrats hold the same views on each issue.  Especially with such controversial issues, special care is being made to incorporate the best ideas from both parties.

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    On hot button issues such as health care and the environment, not everyone agrees on one solution for the problem, or even that there is a problem to begin with. These are not issues where people simply vote along party lines.

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    One of the problems is the influence of corporate lobbying on the democratic process. Much of the legislation concerning healthcare was not passed because of influence from the multi-billion dollar healthcare industry (see Wash. Post article).  This is pervasive in many aspects of government.  For example, industries such as British Petroleum are able to donate significant amounts to political campaigns.  In fact, they have donated the most money to the Obama’s 2008 preisdential campaign.  The result, is that payments to victims of the B.P. disaster have been delayed or are non-existant.  It is becoming very common for corporate lobbying and campaign funding to distort decisions or delay that are critical to public health and welfare.

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