Why is the number of people dismissing climate change growing?



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    I think those that deny climate change without a vested interest in ignoring it (ie, profiting from industries that cause emissions or deforest etc) may do so because they don’t see the change themselves.  If they are still shoveling snow in below zero temperatures, and do not directly notice there are species losing habitat, it is pretty easy to ignore or not believe our planet is warming.

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    I think there’s a number of factors that contribute to the difference of opinion, but basically there seems to be a polarizing effect taking place.  People are so divided on the issue.  Some people adopt their dismissal because they simply don’t want to embrace change — they are used to, and comfortable with, their lifestyle the way it is.  Some simply don’t see the logic or disagree totally with the claims made because they have a different perspective.  Culture, upbringing, surrounding people, education, etc. are all contributing factors that might play into how they’re belief is shaped.

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