Why is nuclear nonproliferation so difficult?



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    The difficulty in nonproliferation arises in three regions, India/Pakistan, North Korea and Iran. Such countries are closer to the former Soviet satelittes and Russia themselves, whose activities along with China concern the Western world in regards to providing nuclear materials to terrorist groups. Even the main focus of nonproliferation, reducing nuclear armament, is becoming increasingly slow in the western world considering events such as September 11. We must also consider the prevalence and dangers of cyber-attacks today, making cyber-security a bigger priority than nuclear nonproliferation.

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    I believe it mostly has to do with maintaining that age old deterrent of of being able to completely wipe out an enemy. Being a superpower with nuclear weapons in a sense guarantees that no one will mess with the country in question for fear of being totally decimated. While the Western power countries have begun to try to lessen their nuclear arsenals, it is discouraging when countries in the Middle East and Asia obtain them. This is due in part from outspoken leaders who promise to use them once active, and vow to destroy all their enemies with such weapons. This tension has caused many countries to hold onto their inventories out of fear. 

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