Why not use (excess) wind-power to raise water to a useful (potential) energy

and open the sluisgates when it’s needed. See: Spirit of Ireland for an example. http://www.spiritofireland.org/



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    Wind energy stored in Hydro Storage Reservoirs also looks like a good means of storing energy. I think it really depends on geology, geography, and whatever source of energy is present. As the Spirit of Ireland website states, Ireland has “truly extraordinary wealth in terms of wind energy” and has the water for hydro reservoirs. For areas that don’t have water and wind but have plenty of sunlight, solar power storage is more idea. Really depends on geology and geography.

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      Yes but that’s all to general. Anyway solar power – isn’t a way of storing energy – anything but. It’s pure energy. It’s storage the world needs.
      My question remains – why is it NOT a serious focus by larger and more powerful bodies to use water as storage.
      Sunlight – during the day, or wind day and night can raise water to a useful height – there are few places in the world where there isn’t enough water – or those places have ”too much sun => not too many people”. Renewables can raise water to a (potential energy) height and then release as needed to power turbines – either to make electricity or for ‘direct power’ -to turn a lathe, wheels, drill, etc.
      My question is WHY ISN’T it done?? Even in a desert there is water (often non-potable) that can be used over and over as mechanical/kinetic energy.

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      Oh, sorry I misunderstood your question. I don’t really know the answer to that. All I know is that there are a lot of things out there that make sense but aren’t done, either due to politics or money. Maybe somebody else on this site will have your answer.

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