Why is not shaving good for the environment?



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    This isn’t necessarily true. While many shaving products contain chemicals which can be harsh on the environment and your skin. And even though disposable razors may deplete resources. Its common enough practice to simply whip up a lather of foam on a shaving bar and shave with a more permanent razor. Many of the “outdoorsy” type maintain beards in order to look as rugged as the mountain slopes and also to keep their faces warm when exposed to very brisk temperatures.


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    Disposable razors generate a lot of waste since many people don’t reuse them or recycle them. The chemicals in shaving products go down the drain as well. 

    Water consumption while shaving can be an issue too not only on the part men either. An estimated 50 billion (billion with a B) litres of water were used by British women that shaved their legs in the shower. 


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