why not offer glass and alum can recycle via kiosk at supermarkets like they have in calif. you will not see one single can on side of road again.



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    The great state of California is usually a pioneer for environmental efforts like these (and yes, this is currently being written from said golden state). Awareness really is the key to these social changes. I started a small recycling club at my high school years ago, when we didn’t have any recycling bins on campus. Starting a recycling program takes someone (like yourself) who knows about the issues and cares about them. Share your knowledge with your community!

    A kiosk is a step up from a bin, I realize, because someone needs to be employed to take the recyclables and refund the customers. If there are no programs or organizations where you live, perhaps this should start as a volunteer project. Give high school students a good place to do some community service.

    And don’t forget that education is always important–California may have kiosks and bins available, but the uninformed (or sometimes just plain lazy) members of the community still toss their litter wherever is convenient for them. 

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