Why is noise pollution such a problem?



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    Noise pollution is  any disruptive noise created by humans, animals, or machines that are disruptive to human or animal life. This type of pollution is a problem for people because it interfers with sleep and causes increased levels of anxiety and stress. Recent studies are now showing that noise pollution increases the risk of strokes. For every 10-decibel increase in traffic noise, the risk of stroke increases to 14%.

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    There is also mounting evidence that noise pollution causes low birth weights in human infants. 

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    Noise, which creates stress as shaydeeavery points out, contributes too our brains being wired for negative situations.  It is very unhealthy for our neurophysiology and psychology.  A recent study researched the brains of college students who lived in a city against the brains of college students who lived in rural areas, and discovered that the city dwellers had far higher levels of anxiety in general than did the rural dwellers.  Check your heart rate next time you are around sustained noise!

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    Neurosis, hysteria, stress, nausea, and high blood pressure — just a few of the health problems linked to noise. Hearing impairement is another health risk. Noise pollution interferes with the ability to comprehend normal speech and may lead to a number of personal disabilities, handicaps, and behavioral changes. These include problems with concentration, fatigue, uncertainty, lack of self confidence, irritation, misunderstandings, decreased working capacity, disturbed interpersonal relationships, and stress reactions.

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