Why is the Nissan Leaf so popular amongst electric cars?



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    It just became available in all 50 states! It’s also affordable and one of the first all-electric cars to go a decent amount of distance without needing to be re-charged.

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    The popularity of the Leaf could most likely be attributed to how new it still is. People are curious about how it will fare against the Volt and some other electric competitors. It really has not even been around long enough for comprehensive reviews of the car to even be available yet. Besides the novelty of the newness of the Leaf, it also boasts the ability to go 100 miles on a full charge, reach speeds of 90 mph (although the range will be greatly compromised at high speed), is 100% electric and is a Zero emissions vehicle. The Leaf is one of a few cars that will most likely be the first of many fully electric cars to come on the American car market over the next few years. 

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