Why is a new oil platform near Sakhalin Island, Russia very controversial?



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    Supposedly a threat to gray whales.

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    A little more information on the exact threat is that this plant is very close to the feeding group of the gray whales. The construction that will potentially take place in these areas will disrupt the feeding habits of these whales and increases the risk of these creatures being hit by ships. This species is already critically endangered, so any threat to their existence must be taken extremely seriously.

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    Specifically, the building of a new platform would mean that the company would have to do a seismic survey.  This involves shooting loud pulses of noise into the ocean floor.  Because whales use sound waves to communicate and are very sensitive to sound, environmentalists believe that it can cause harm to whales, namely Western grey whales, which are a critically endangered species.  It is believed that there are fewer than 130 of these whales remaining in the world.  There were three similar seismic tests done last year, and environmentalists think those tests caused strain to the whales.  So, groups who are concerned about the whales are upset about the possibility of this platform being built.

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