Why is Nestle ranked so low for environmental performance?



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    Nestle has had some terrible PR issues in the past…They attempted to market a baby-formula in sub-Saharan Africa (1970s i believe), to African mothers by saying in their advertisements that it was “better than breast milk”. Also, they used scare tactics by saying that mothers might pass AIDS to their children via breast-milk, and as a result should use the formula Women did not have access to AIDS tests, so they were unsure if they carried it or not. Nestle gave “free samples” out in hospitals to nurses who gave them to mothers…As the mothers stopped breast feeding, they stopped producing breast milk, making the infant entirely dependent upon the formula. The only problem was, Nestle did poor research (or didn’t care) that the water supply was untreated and infected with Malaria and other nasty virus/bacteria. The mortality rate for infants grew as the children died of dehydration as a result of extreme diarrhea. WHO and other organizations ended up leading an international boycott and led to more stringent international marketing and advertising regulations.

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