Why is my brand new apple tree leaves turning brown

Hello, I recently bought a golden delicious apple tree. It sat in my backyard for over a week in its original container. I watered it and it looked nice and healthy. The leaves were nice and green. My husband planted it the following weekend and the next day the leaves were all brown. What could be the cause. I know it can’t be a disease because the leaves were nice and green the day before planting. Thank you for any help you can give.



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    You can try an insecticide just in case you have some sort of disease or big problem.  Your best bet is to contact the people you bought the tree from and ask what they recommend.  They may know specifics about the trees they sell.

    Young trees need nice pruning.  They should be trained into a good shape by pruning with a leader. 

    Otherwise, you may have either over- or under-watered your tree.  Young trees need about an inch of water per week.  Watch out for rain in your area. 


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