Why is mulch sometimes dyed? Does the dye hurt the plants growing beneath it?



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    The makers use non-toxic mineral colorants
    It’s a weird concept, but if it helps people keep from growing lawns I’m listening… the advantage is that you can use waste chips from lumbering and then die them a color that will last longer than the natural color would.

    Don’t use coopernal treated wood as mulch! It is arsenic pressure-treated wood that is toxic to animals and people.

    “Mulch dye for red mulch, by and large, is mostly iron oxide. This is basically rust, and isn’t toxic or damaging to plants or the environment. Black mulch is colored with carbon black. If you pick up a piece of burned charcoal and rub it in your hands, your skin will end up coated with essentially the same thing. Some companies may also use vegetable dyes, particularly for red mulch.
    But these are the big manufacturers. Smaller companies may use other dyes which could be toxic. Choosing a trusted company is important when purchasing colored mulch so you know you’re not leaching toxic chemicals into the ground or your skin or lungs.”

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