Why is most of the food I buy in grocery stores from other countries, when lots of food is grown in the United States?



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    One reason is so that we can have anything we want at any time. Plenty of food is grown in the United States, but sometimes it’s not in season in a plentiful enough amount to supply the demand in the winter. This is why we end up importing fruits and veggies. A smarter way to shop is to buy local or go to farmer’s markets to get seasonal produce.

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    While it is true that there is lots of food grown in the United States, it is often cheaper to grow food in other countries, so grocery stores will opt for the cheaper rather than the more responsible option. Also, some foods grow better in other places than they do here, especially coffee and shellfish. So while buying locally is the best choice as far as reducing food miles and fossil fuel use, imports often use fewer resources to produce because they are growing in an environment that better suits that crop.

    Consumers can buy food from all over the world in part because of their increasingly exotic tastes. However, large agribusinesses try to convince people that the export of crops is good for the Global South but in actuality, the global food system that demands that products be shipped vast distances is hurting the planet and farmer livelihoods.

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