Why is Mexico not included in the EPA and International Maritime Organization new nautical emissions standards but Canada is?



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    The Emission Control Area that was designated in 2010 only applies to North America, which is why Canada is included while Central American Mexico is not. Judging by the document linked below, the agreement is a reflection of the similar economic interests and geographies of the U.S. and Canada. Mexico isn’t a part of the club, apparently.

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    Even though Mexico is geographically part of North America, they are considered part of Latin Central America. Even if Mexico was invited into the Emission Control Area, I’m not sure they would play ball. Mexico isn’t known for its great pollution regulations, and Mexico City has some of the worst air pollution in the world. Though some progress has been made in the country, it is slow. The Mexican government has begun to institute pollution control devices to help with car emissions and gasoline quality, hopefully putting them on a path to joining the United States and Canada.

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