Why is mercury bad for you?



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    The neurological hazards of mercury were first noticed
    when women gave birth to severely impaired infants after
    being exposure to high levels of mercury. The EPA notes it
    is “clear that the developing nervous system of the fetus
    may be more vulnerable to methylmercury than the adult
    nervous system.”
    The toxic effects of mercury include autism, Alzheimer’s,
    ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, other neurodevelopmental
    problems, nephrotoxicity and cancer. A link
    between mercury and cardiovascular disease has also been
    recently established. – direct quote from the attached link.

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    Mercury is bad for you because it causes mercury poisoning. You can get mercury poisoning through food (fish specifically), through the air (vaporized mercury), or in the water (mercury deposits in drinking water). Mercury attacks your brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys. Mood swings, decreased cognitive functions, insomnia, loss of peripheral vision and coordination, and headaches accompany symptoms that the mercury is attacking your brain. Your muscles start to ache or twitch as well. In some extreme cases, your kidneys and respiratory system can shut down.

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