Why is Mercedes Benz asking governments to develop hydrogen infrastructure?



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    Because they are claiming that the hydrogen fuel cell is at a level of technological development where it can be implemented in cars on in a more substantial way.  The only thing halting the development of fuel cells at this point, says Mercedes, is lack of readily available supply of hydrogen for recharging.

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    Based on some of the grotesquely greedy things that auto manufacturers do to make a profit, I am going to say that it is because they simply do not want to produce real battery-powered electric cars. Battery electric vehicles are very durable and will never break down unless the auto manufacturer figures out a way to do it. So, a company that makes good electric cars may not be able to sell its customers a new vehicle every eight years. If Mercedes can make a hydrogen car that breaks down more easily than it can make an electric car break down, it will try to sell hydrogen cars not matter how ill-conceived the idea is. Unfortunately, that’s how it works in economics.

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