Why is manufacturing so dependent on oil?



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    Manufacturing, along with all US industry, is very dependent on oil. This dependency is due to many reasons, but the primary ones are transportation of raw and finished goods, energy production, and oil used within the manufacturing production.

    Every input that manufacturing requires, such as raw goods, equipment, and supplies, all has to be transported to the manufacturing facility. Once the finished product(s) are completed these goods then have to be shipped away from the facility. The majority of this shipping is by truck, and this means burning fuel made from oil.

    Some manufacturing facilities also use oil in the production of their goods. Products that are made from oil are: tires, asphalt, paints, motor oil, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, lipstick, crayons, clothing ink, shows, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, most plastics and plastic bags, insecticides, food preservatives and many many other common daily use items.

    Energy production is the last major common usage of oil in the manufacturing industry. Many plants burn natural gas and other oil products to generate power withing the facility. Many plants (and all hospitals) have generators that provide them with power or backup power. These generators are used in times of bad weather or when power outages occur. These generators are most commonly powered by diesel fuel, an oil by-product.

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