Why is lamb ok to eat but when you say goat people get freaked out?



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    It’s probably just a cultural food taboo depending on where you live in the world. People in China eat horse meat and most people in America find that taboo because horses are viewed as more than just a source of meat. Hindus worship cows and find it disturbing that people eat cow meat as they view cows as the holiest of animals – there are many other cultural taboos surrounding food and drink in every culture of the world. Most of these taboos tend to be centered around religious or cultural beliefs in what is good or bad for people to consume. To learn more about food taboos and cultural beliefs, I recommend reading Food and Culture by Pamela Goyan Kittler and Kathryn Sucher. You can also see some other pretty common American foods that are considered taboo in other parts of the world by clicking the link below.

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    It’s a matter of culture, and the concept of a food can define the taste. The blog post below uses cheese as an example. The concept of cheese is outright disgusting to most Asian cultures as they see no reason to enjoy hardened, spoilt milk. Cheese shares similar smells as body odor and decay, but when Western cultures smells cheese the smell does not repulse them. This is because the area of the brain that deals with food is different than the area reserved for processing revulsion.

    So lets all make like Freud and blame our childhood.

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    Every culture has their food taboos. In some Asian countries, they eat dog meat, which Americans would find repulsive since dogs are usually domesticated pets here. Some cultures find cow meat to be offensive to eat, yet beef is one of the most common consumed meats in the U.S.

    It really is all relative and what we believe is to be “normal” to eat growing up.

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    The gist of it is generally culture, but specifically to the goat I once read somewhere that goat meat got its bad reputation because at some point in time (after thousands of years of enjoying goat) people in power deemed it a poor man’s meat because a goat will eat almost anything, and was considered dirty. Don’t remember where I read that, but it said (and you can vouch for) it is a prejudice that endures to this day.

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