Why is itimportant to clean up my dog’s waste?

My neighbour won’t clean up her dog’s feces when they’re not on the complex premises, but she won’t listen to me when I try to explain why she should. Can you give some information that she’ll heed? Thanks!



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    There’s the obvioius health hazards as well as risk of dog feces making its way into water that we may end up drinking or getting our food from. Dog feces has been known to harbor the eggs of the Toxocara worm. If somebody, especially children ingest it, they can become very sick and even blind.

    Above all though, I think it’s just a matter of common courtesy. Your neighbor is leaving something disgusting lying around and it’s her job to clean it up. Nobody else should have to. If she continues to disregard the issue, notify an officer or something. It’s usually against the law to not clean up after your dog in public areas. 

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    The citation below gives six reasons why dog waste is dangerous, particularly to human health, the environment, and aesthetics.  Dog feces can contain nasty bacteria such as E. Coli and parasites such as roundworm.  These become troublesome when a human ingests them, which can occur when someone (think small, unsupervised children) touch it and dirty hands are later put in one’s mouth. Dog waste that washes away into a stream or river is a water pollutant.  The Environmental Protection Agency classifies it as so. Finally, dog feces do not look pleasant in your neighborhood setting and they will leave discolorations on lawns.

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    In some areas, streams are fed by the storm drains. If your neighbor’s dog’s poop gets washed in a storm drain it could be carried off to a stream and even a river. This is bad because dog poop contains bacteria which causes dysentery and cholera. The bacteria in its poop can also cause in rivers algae blooms which kill fish.

    The reason dogs poop can contain these harmful bacteria is because they eat meat. This does not make for a good fertilizer. If a fertilizer is made from animal feces, it’s made of feces from animals with vegetarian diets!

    Hope this helps!

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