Why is it that the wolf is so misunderstood?

The wolf is just like a lion just in k9 form and alls people do is accuse it being something its not… go to theselinks to find out more imformation! p://www.northernrockieswolves.org/montana/ranching.html If the link don’t work copy then paste it into your address bar.



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    Though some people see wolves as a beautiful and essential part of nature, others can’t help but see wolves as an economic threat. People often see economics first, and everything else second.

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    Probably because throughout history -especially in the middles ages- wolves were actually a nuisance to rural humans, if not an outright threat.  Wolves encroaching on villages would steal and kill livestock that the villagers depended on for their livelihood, not to mention occasionally  kill and eat people wandering alone, especially small children.

    The wolves of course were just trying to survive as humans encroached upon their habitat, but for these reasons a lot of folktales painting the wolf as “evil” sprang up among European cultures, and many -such as “the Big Bad Wolf” – remain with us today.

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    Sarahtonin – Wolves never, ever killed people or ate small children. This is just part of the damaging mythology about wolves. Please read Jim Crumley’s new book ‘The Last Wolf’ and all the literature he mentions before you perpetuate this black propaganda – which is exactly why wolves are misunderstood. There is no record of a wolf ever attacking a human.

    I would be delighted to meet, see or hear a wolf in the wild – I have nothing to fear from the wolf, which has everything to fear from our species.

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    Actually, although wolf attacks are extremely rare – and fatal attacks even more so, there is documented evidence of wolf attacks on humans. A recent example of this (March of 2010) was the mauling and killing of a jogger in Alaska. It was only the second documented case in North America of a wild wolf killing a human, so as you say wolf attacks are rare (the first was in 2005, when a pack of wild wolves killed a hiker in Saskatchewan).

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