Why is it unacceptable for grown ups to use breast milk for nourishment?



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    Simply put, our society has made it taboo.  If I told you that breast milk has been thought to be a possible cure for cancer you would still probably think, “Gross, I could never drink that!”  It’s the way our society has raised us to think.  What’s unfortunate is that breast cancer actually has been linked to killing various forms of cancer cells!  I think its perfectly fine to drink breast milk from humans, its no different than drinking milk from another species except our bodies are actually made to digest it.  Also, in the past the only way to have access to breast milk was straight from the nipple.  Nowadays we have breast pumps that make the process much less invasive.  I wouldn’t bring it up on a first date, but go for it!

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    Regardless of whether or not there are any actual advantages to adults drinking breast milk, much of this unacceptability is due to societal taboos around breasts and breast milk (marking breasts are inherently sexual or “dirty”). There is also the idea that humans grow out of nursing for a reason, and thus drinking breast milk is largely inconvenient and may not provide all the nourishment an adult needs. However, very little actual scientific research has been done on the effects of breast milk on adults.

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    Here’s an interesting article about adults and breast milk. Apparently a restaurant in China used it in dishes served at a banquet.

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