Why is it so hard for Americans to not eat out?



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    Jamie Oliver attributes this to a lack of education about food and cooking.  Most people are without knowledge of how to cook even a few simple dishes.  Because of this, it’s easier to just go out to eat.  Food Inc features a family that won’t cook at home because it’s too expensive.  Unfortunately, eating at McDonald’s can be considerably cheaper (at least financially) than preparing a healthy meal.

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    The increasingly stressful lifestyle of the average American contributes greatly to the ease of being able to eat out.  Most families are so busy that it’s impossible to have everyone in the same room at the same time, let alone prepare an entire dinner for the family.  Eating out at fast food restaurants provides a cheap, yet dangerous option to low-income, busy families.  It’s a lot cheaper to buy 5 $1 cheeseburgers than it is to go to the grocery store and buy fruits, veggies, and meat for a balanced dinner.  It’s important form Americans to know that healthy, affordable, and easy dinner options are available.  There are healthy recipes throughout most grocery stores, and there are countless websites that provide fast, cheap meals that are still healthy and wholesome.  

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