Why is it so difficult to enact legislation on the environment?



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    Legislation is difficult to pass because of differing political interests of politicians and special interest groups. A politicians job is to represent his constituency (and more specifically to convince them to vote for him again) and with 435 representatives and 100 senators from varies regions the perceived interest of all are rarely in line. Maybe there is a senator who represents a state with coal reserves he hopes to get exploited or a representative from an area populated by conservative industrialists that down want to have to invest in reducing their carbon footprint. Add into the mix lobbyist paid by special interest groups, such as the oil industry, that are paid to convince the politicians to vote for their own agenda and you get a mess of conflicting interests. If we had the same resources as oil and gas companies (no pun intended) to hire lobbyist I’m sure environment issues would be addressed much quicker.

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    It is not just legislation on the environment that is difficult to pass, it is almost all legislation. There is almost never unanimity within the government as different parties have different ideas about policy and getting a majority is not easy. 

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