Why is it so bad to eat whale?



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    It is not so much as it is “bad” to eat whale, but the negative views on whaling history. Whales are very large mammals and like most massive mammals, reproduce very slow and do not have as many offspring as we find with smaller creatures. Also, with larger creatures like whales, hunting  such a huge creature is not always practiced with much grace and can end up being very brutal or seen as inhumane. More importantly, the impact of hunting whales puts greater strains on their populations. In the past entire whale species have been wiped out do to this.

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    From a nutritional perspective, eating whale could be considered bad because whale meat has an extremely high fat content (as whales use this blubber to keep themselves warm in their cold ocean habitats).  The high fat and cholesterol content is another reason to avoid consuming whale meat.

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    Like many other hunting practices, whales should only be hunted by people who use the whole mammal for survival ie Inuit people.  Hunting for sport or to sell one part of the whale for profit is unsustainable and can and has wiped out entire populations and/or distinct whale species.  For people living in extreme cold conditions, eating whale blubber is a very important part of their diet traditionally, but in these cases none of the slain whale is wasted.

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